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Policy | SnapBro


That's quite simple to explain.
We're giving you a free service to log into your Snapchat-Account with your Browser to simply save and download all your snaps.
Yeah, about your privacy...
We have to admit that we're saving your snaps, we are doing this to give you a 24/7 service for see your opened snaps at any time again.
Right now we're having such a huge amount of saved snaps of all our users. To provide a 24/7 service.
If you have any problems with this, we're very sorry.
But to be honest how else should we realize such a big project and such a huge amount of snaps, while Snapchat© is deleting your snaps after you've opened them!
We're trying to improve our service at any time.
Future plans are listed in the blue area above.
Another thing that isn't listed in the blue area is, that we're thinking about limiting the amount of opened snaps per day.
That means that you're only allowed to open ten snaps per day. In the need to open more snaps on one day you'll have the option to pay a small amount to extrend your limit.